MaxLite introduces ENERGY STAR certified LED MR16 lamps

Combining the energy-saving benefits of LED with outstanding color quality, MaxLite introduces ENERGY STAR certified seven-watt MR16 lamps for commercial, retail, hospitality and other general lighting applications.

MaxLite_LEDMR16s LThe LED lamps replace 50-watt halogen bulbs in miniature recessed, track and cabinet lighting fixtures with more than 80 percent energy savings and a much longer life. Offered in GU10 and GU 5.3 bases, MaxLite MR16 lamps are designed with Chip On Board (COB) LEDs that deliver wide, uniform light and excellent color rendering, achieving an 80-plus CRI for the ENERGY STAR certified 2700K and 3000K models. A 90 CRI model, without ENERGY STAR certification, is also available in a 3000K color temperature. All models are dimmable.

“MaxLite is excited to offer both ENERGY STAR certified and high CRI models as LED alternatives to the most common halogen MR16 lamps in the marketplace,” said Product Marketing Manager Alex Truong. “Our MR16s deliver the high color quality and light distribution required for the most demanding applications, while consuming less energy and lowering operating costs for our customers.”

MaxLite MR16 lamps feature a specially designed heat sink that ensures a long, L70-rated 25,000-hour life of cool operation, performance and high lumens. Models with a GU10 base operate on an input voltage of 120 volts, while GU5.3 base lamps are designed to work on 12-volt systems. The lamps emit virtually no ultraviolet or infrared rays, to help prevent fading colors or inventory spoilage in retail displays.

Ideal for retail displays and architectural applications requiring punch and color, MaxLite MR16 lamps with a 90 CRI meet the California Quality LED Lamp Specification, used by California utilities to determine which lamps they will include in their rebate and incentive programs. In addition to the MR16, MaxLite offers numerous LED replacement lamps that meet California Quality LED Lamp Specification requirements, including A19, BR30 and BR40 styles.

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