Mouser and Imahara Interview Infineon’s Adam White

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is teaming up with celebrity engineer Grant Imahara to unveil its next Innovation Spotlight interview as part of the Portable Power Series and Empowering Innovation Together program. Following up on his discussion with Dr. Richard Kaner about Mouser - EIT Power Infineon Adam White Lharnessing energy with micro-supercapacitors, Grant Imahara turns his attention to how component suppliers are focusing on energy management and storage with a special spotlight interview from Adam White, VP of Sales at Infineon Technologies, Platinum Program Partner of the Portable Power Series.

In this second Innovation Spotlight interview, Grant Imahara and Adam White continue the power discussion, addressing the challenges of energy management and how new technologies and materials can improve energy efficiency. Grant discovers how Infineon is responding to those concerns, what trends they see in power technology, and how they see the future of energy storage and battery management.

“As consumer electronics get smaller, and society becomes more reliant on battery-powered devices, it’s up to suppliers like Infineon to incorporate the latest technologies into power design,” said Grant Imahara. “In this new Innovation Spotlight interview, viewers will learn about some of the new materials and methods Infineon is bringing to power management in 2016 and beyond.”

The new Portable Power Series, available only on, is part of the award-winning Empowering Innovation Together program, which is designed to inspire creative thinking for both professional and aspiring engineers. The comprehensive series — sponsored by Platinum Program Partner Infineon Technologies and Diamond Sponsor TDK — will also include accompanying articles, blogs and other related technical content. The Portable Power Series is the first installment for 2016, following the popular Robotics, Space, Home Automation and Driverless Cars programs launched in 2015 from Mouser Electronics.

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