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Multi-die custom LED solutions from LED Engin and Solid State Supplies


Acknowledged as a leading source of advanced lighting technology, Solid State Supplies now has the ability to offer fully customized LED emitter arrays from LED Engin (a division of Osram Specialty Lighting).

For certain optoelectronic applications, such as scientific instrumentation, horticulture and machine imaging, engineers need to look beyond simply sourcing standard off-the-shelf emitters. This is due to the fact that otherwise multiple discrete components will be needed in order to meet the very specific spectral requirements associated with these applications, which will significantly increase the board space utilized or bring about compromises in overall performance. Conversely, by using custom solutions that combine LEDs at the die level, it is possible to avoid the issues introduced by employing discrete LEDs – thereby leading to markedly smaller form factors and ensuring that stronger performance benchmarks are maintained.

Credit: Solid State Supplies
Credit: Solid State Supplies

Through its supply chain partnership with LED Engin, Solid State Supplies is able to offer a broad range of standard devices that can be drawn upon to create custom configurations – including its LZ1, LZ4, LZ7, LZC and LZP options. By mixing and matching emitters from these ranges (covering wavelengths all the way from 365 to 940nm), highly optimized custom die configurations can be implemented. These can be housed within 4, 7, 12 and 25 die packages. Custom optics, including flat and dome lenses, are also available if needed.

Alongside this capability, Solid State Supplies provides detailed pre- and post-sales technical support. This includes use its in-house developed simulation tool, that allows the custom design to be modified iteratively before going to assembly.

Source Solid State Supplies

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