Next-gen Quantum Computer Targets 10,000 Qubits

IBM and Japan’s government-backed technology institute are teaming up to develop next-gen quantum computers. The goal is to deliver 10,000 qubits—75x more than current quantum computers that, at most, deliver 133 qubits.

This project is the first time IBM is teaming up with a foreign research institution in quantum computing on such a large scale. They are aiming for error-free high-level combinations calculations and hope to introduce it in 2029. They also plan to include semiconductor and superconducting IC development. The institute is well known for its strength in AI-related technologies, with patents needed for this project.

IBM anticipates selling 1,000-qubit quantum computers by 2025, after which the institute will train Japanese companies to use quantum computers.

Existing 133-qubit quantum computers still make errors, often requiring the aid of supercomputers while used in research. A 10,000-qubit version, however, is expected to be used without the assistance of a supercomputer. Commercially, hardware will need to reach 20,000- to 30,000 qubits.

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