No time to clean your house? Download these 5 apps for help

Time –  we need more of it. Unfortunately, we’re only granted 24 hours per day and sometimes it just isn’t enough to clean the house. Thanks to technology there are a few handy helpers to get the cleaning process down to a science and keep our homes squeaky clean.

1. Ten Minute Tidy


We’ve established we have no time to clean, so this organizing app divides chores into 10-minute intervals to keep everyone’s attention and it’s great for the entire family to participate. Once a job is assigned to a person, it can be auto-assigned next time or moved to the next household member. (Price: $0.99/ Available for iOs)

2. Laundry pick-up



An integral part of housekeeping is the dreaded laundry task. Washio is a laundry-service app currently available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, the East Bay, Chicago, Boston, and Washington, DC with more cities on the way. Use the app for immediate laundry pick-up with 24 hour turnaround times and use the spare time to clean other parts of your dirty house. (Price: Free/ Available for iOs and Android)

3. Good Housekeeping @Home


So you want to straighten things up at home but aren’t very handy? You spilled some wine on the rug and aren’t sure how to get it out?  This is Good Housekeeping Magazine’s first app which comes equipped with a stain-buster directory, guide to cleaning multiple surfaces, organizing tips and inspiration for your next home project. (Price: Free/ Available for iOs and Android)

4. Chorma


This app lets you coordinate your chores with your partner or kids (since the kids are glued to their devices anyway) so everyone can be assigned or claim particular chores. Everyone’s devices can be synced and you can kick back and keep track of the progress. (Price: Free/ Available for iOs)

5. Mobile apps for cleaning services


Sometimes – no matter how many helpful apps there are – we just don’t want to clean our house. Good thing there’s an app for that too. There are a plethora of home-cleaning service mobile apps at your disposal so you can just leave it to the professionals. A few worth mentioning: Homejoy Home Cleaning, Zaarly and Express Cleaning, by Kutoto. The Zaarly app even provides additional home-upkeep services such as lawn maintenance and handyman services. (Price: Free/ All apps available for both iOs and Android)

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