Nvidia’s Next-Gen AI Chip Platform Slated for 2026

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang reported that Nvidia will roll out its next-generation AI chip platform, Rubin, in 2026. Features of the Rubin family of chips will include new graphics (GPU), central processors (CPU), and networking chips.

The little we know so far is that the new CPU will be called Versa, and the new graphics chips used to power AI apps will bundle next-gen high-bandwidth memory that is made by the likes of SK Hynix 000660, Micron MU O, and  Samsung 005930. Huang indicated that the company plans to release a new family of AI chips annually, accelerating its prior release schedule of roughly every two years.

With approximately 80% of the market for AI chips, Nvidia is the largest enabler and beneficiary of surging AI development.

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