OMNIVISION and iCatch Partner to Enhance Video Doorbell with Color Pre-roll

OMNIVISION and iCatch Technology formed a strategic collaboration to introduce a color pre-roll feature for home security cameras. Pre-roll enables users to save four seconds of video footage before the camera’s motion detector is triggered.

The partnership integrates OMNIVISION’s OA07600 ultra-low-power, always-on video co-processor with a pre-roll recording buffer and iCatch Technology’s Vi57 artificial intelligence (AI) imaging system-on-chip (SoC). The result is continuous pre-event color video footage storage, exceptional traceability and visibility during a triggering event.

The combined technologies deliver ultra-fast capture and edge AI capability. Pre-roll footage from OMNIVISION’s OA07600 co-processor, Vi57 SoC, seamlessly integrates the footage into one video with minimal data loss and in full color.

The cooperative effort ensures that a battery-powered video doorbell with the color pre-roll feature elevates the security standard of the video doorbell. This color pre-roll is in mass production now and available for customer engagement.

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