OMNIVISION Commercializes New 200MP Image Sensor with Superior Low-light Performance

OMNIVISION unveiled the OVB0A, one of the world’s smallest 200MP image sensors, with a pixel size of just 0.56µm. Designed for rear-facing (wide-angle) main cameras in high-end smartphones, with its unique 16-cell binning capability, OMNIVISION claims the OVB0A image sensor delivers the best low-light performance in its class. It also features 100% quad phase detection (QPD) for superior autofocus.

OMNIVISION is the first to make the 0.56µm pixel technology breakthrough, proving that the wavelength of light does not limit pixel shrink

The sensor attains the optimum balance between low-light image quality and high dynamic range (HDR), enabling smartphone OEMs to optimize HDR performance for contrasting light and dark areas in any scene. It also utilizes 16-cell binning to achieve premium video capture of 12.5MP/4K at 120 frames per second (fps). It reaches 12.5MP/4K at 60fps with 2-exposure staggered HDR timing; an on-chip remosaic function enables 8K video and 2X crop zoom (with HDR) at 12.5MP.

The OVB0A image sensor supports CPHY, DPHY, and dual DOVDD (1.8V and 1.2V). Samples will be available in Q4 2022. Contact OMNIVISION for more information:

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