Oracle Adds 15 Baseline AI Models to Personalize Customer Interactions

Oracle just added 15 baseline artificial intelligence (AI) models to its Unity Customer Data Platform (CDP). Oracle Unity blends built-in AI with customizable industry-specific data models for more highly personalized and industry-specific experiences. Applications include automotive, consumer packaged goods, communications, financial services, healthcare, high-tech, and utilities.

The new models process data to provide insights that predict behaviors or provide next-step recommendations, including:

  • Automotive: To recommend the most relevant actions and offers for every customer based on sales and transaction patterns
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG): Estimate a customer’s value over time and create a campaign for a new, high-end skin care product targeted at those customers who have bought less than two skin care products in the last six months for over $200
  • Communications: Providers can automatically send a special promotion to customers who may be considering switching to a different provider
  • High-Tech: A solar panel manufacturer can use the Fatigue Segmentation model to classify customers into different levels of fatigue based on their profile and engagement levels

The new capabilities within Oracle Unity are available for Oracle Unity customers today. To learn more, please visit:

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