Outside the Box: Analog Devices CN0554-RPIZ Multichannel Mixed-signal Analog I/O Module

Welcome to another episode of “Outside the Box”! In this edition, Bryan DeLuca unboxes the versatile Analog Devices CN0554-RPIZ Multichannel Mixed-Signal Analog I/O Module, a must-have for your Raspberry Pi projects.

The CN0554-RPIZ is a flexible and general-purpose multichannel mixed-signal analog input/output (I/O) module, meticulously designed to directly mount onto a Raspberry Pi, providing this single-board computer with an enhanced analog input/output interface.

Let’s dive into the unboxing! Inside the box, you’ll find the CN0554-RPIZ module, an incredibly useful and powerful tool for your projects. For more in-depth guidance, a comprehensive user guide is available online. The module comes equipped with a Raspberry Pi 40-pin connector, a P22 30-pin DAC connector, and a P21 30-pin ADC connector. Additionally, you’ll find headers for analog input range selection and write protection for onboard EEPROMs.

The Analog Devices’ CN0554-RPIZ boasts a wide array of features, including eight pseudo-differential inputs or 16 single-ended inputs, selectable input voltage range up to plus or minus 13 volts, and 16 single-ended outputs up to plus or minus 15 volts. Notably, all power rails are derived from the Raspberry Pi, ensuring seamless integration and power management. By directly mounting the CN0554-RPIZ module on top of the Raspberry Pi, you instantly equip the single-board computer with an unparalleled analog input/output interface. So, whether you’re working on complex multi-channel projects or seeking high-performance analog I/O capabilities, the Analog Devices CN0554-RPIZ module is your ideal solution.

For further details on this groundbreaking module, make sure to visit: https://www.mouser.com/new/analog-dev…

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