Panasonic Industry Breaks Ground with PAN9019 and PAN9019A Wireless Modules, Embracing Wi-Fi 6 Standard

Samples and evaluation kits for both modules available as of now


Panasonic Industry Europe’s Wireless Connectivity department just announced its entry into the realm of Wi-Fi 6 technology with the launch of PAN9019 and PAN9019A wireless modules. These modules, built on NXP’s IW611 and IW612 chips respectively, mark a significant leap forward in wireless connectivity solutions – and elevate Panasonic Industry to the ranks of the protagonists of the most modern wireless industry standard.

The PAN9019 module boasts Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3 capabilities, offering unparalleled performance and reliability. Meanwhile, the PAN9019A module extends its functionality further with the addition of 802.15.4 compatibility, enabling seamless integration with Thread and Zigbee protocols. This versatility ensures that these modules cater to a wide array of applications, including EV charging, heat pumps, smart home devices, industrial automation/equipment, and medical equipment.

We are thrilled to introduce the PAN9019 and PAN9019A wireless modules, solidifying our commitment to delivering cutting-edge connectivity solutions”, states Tomislav Tipura from Panasonic Industry Europe in Ottobrunn near Munich. “One of the key highlights of the PAN9019 and PAN9019A modules is their extensive certifications, including CE RED, ISED, FCC, and MIC.This ensures compliance with global regulatory standards, facilitating smooth deployment in various regions worldwide.”

To further enhance customization and flexibility, Panasonic Industry provides an approved antenna list featuring three different antenna types. Customers can choose from a selection of antennas offered by leading players in the industry, including TDK, AVX/Kyocera, Taoglas, and 2J.
Moreover, each evaluation kit comes equipped with a FXP830 pre-certified flex PCB antenna from Taoglas, guaranteeing optimal performance out of the box.

“Taoglas is pleased to expand our collaboration with Panasonic Industry on the PAN9019 and PAN9019A wireless modules,” says David Connolly, Director of Global Product Management at Taoglas. “By combining these modules with our high efficiency FXP830 Wi-Fi 6 antenna, we’re helping engineers reduce their design, test and calibration efforts, ensuring a faster time to market and future-proofed IoT device.”

Tipura concludes: “With Wi-Fi 6 technology and robust feature sets, these modules empower our customers to create next-generation products that redefine connectivity in their respective industries.”

Samples and evaluation tools for the PAN9019 and PAN9019A modules are readily available, enabling customers to experience the exceptional performance and versatility firsthand.

For more information about the PAN9019 and PAN9019A wireless modules, visit Panasonic Industry’s dedicated website or get in touch with the company’s IoT experts under  

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Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH is part of the global Panasonic Industry organization, one of the five major operating companies within Panasonic Holding. Panasonic Industry Europe provides products and services for industrial customers all over Europe. 
Panasonic Industry Europe is committed to enabling customers to achieve their goals in a broad range of industrial sectors such as mobility, infrastructure, automation, medical, appliances, smart living, and security. With the know-how of devices and solution technologies, cultivated through a global mindset and over a century of tradition, Panasonic Industry collaborates closely with customers to create a sustainable future.

Panasonic Industry Europe’s broad and diverse product portfolio encompasses key electronic component sectors including electromechanical and passive components, batteries and other energy products, sensors and wireless connectivity modules, thermal management materials and custom solutions, as well as automation devices & solutions.

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