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Partnership to offer customers robotic process automation services


It has been announced by Voyager Solutions, that they have partnered with UiPath, the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company. Voyager Solutions are using a 20 year of experience to focus on building customer capability, scaling the use of UiPath to an enterprise level, and enabling customers to maximize the use of robotics across the entire organization.

This partnership, which began in June 2018, will provide mutual customers with a complete, scalable approach to driving RPA starting with a solid foundation for benefits at exec level, through the delivery of the global operating model, and allowing numerous functions in a customer organization to benefit from UiPath’s RPA platform across the enterprise.

To gain market advantage in today’s highly competitive landscape, organizations are increasingly seeking solutions to help them expedite operational processes, increase agility and deliver greater value to customers.

By partnering with UiPath, Voyager Solutions will enable customers to complete routine tasks, including back office processing, customer service administration and operational reporting, with optimal agility. By delegating these processes to a virtual digital workforce of software robots, customer employees will be able to focus on more strategic, creative and customer facing initiatives.

Paul Taplin, Consulting Director, Voyager Solutions, said, “We are delighted to partner with an RPA market leader to drive solutions that will greatly benefit our customer base. For many years we have focused on capability development, open knowledge, and a passion to develop employee, contractor and customer talent. Through the product, the community and academy, there is a great fit for us.

“Together we can support the rapid deployment of software robots, with a focus on enterprise wide organizational and people capability to dramatically improve business productivity, compliance and customer service across back and front office operations. We believe that the product can truly deliver an achievable vision of a robot on every employee desktop, to empower our customer organizations.”

Anand Nagwani, Vice President EMEA Partnership, UiPath, stated, “Our partnership will ensure that customer organizations have further opportunities to scale the power of automation to dramatically improve business productivity, compliance and customer service.

“This will facilitate companies to become digital in a faster, sustainable way, and it will also help them gain a valuable advantage on the path to AI. Voyager Solutions are passionate about the vision of a robot on every employee desktop and bring an organizational capability that directly drives the RPA ambition of our customers.”

Source Voyager Solutions UiPath

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