Phihong Family of Highly Efficient Moveable EV DC Chargers

Phihong has announced a new family of moveable EV DC off-board chargers that provide quick and highly efficient charging solutions for personal and commercial electric vehicles with 200–700V battery systems. Featuring a convenient moveable design, Phihong’s new EV DC charger family is currently comprised of 20kW, 40kW, and 60kW models, all of which are compliant with the latest GB/T standards for PH1921 Moveable EV DC Chargers PR Lelectric vehicle interface and conductive charging system requirements issued by the Chinese National Committee of the ISO and IEC. Implemented on January 1, 2016, these latest GB/T standards directly correspond to IEC 61851 requirements regarding electrical safety, charging function, and performance.

Phihong’s new 20kW, 40kW, and 60kW EV DC chargers deliver high output power capable of fully charging personal and commercial EVs more quickly than many competing models, and boast a variety of features designed to provide customers with simple, safe, convenient, and extremely efficient EV charging solutions. Equipped with intelligent RFID card readers and 7” user-friendly LCD touchscreens, each model is outfitted with tactile start, stop, and emergency stop push-buttons, and features an Ethernet-based connection that enables remote assistance, troubleshooting, repairs, integration, and upgrades. Each model also features a charging gun with an electronic lock function to ensure safety during the charging process. Easy to utilize, move, and maintain, the new EV DC chargers are ideal for highway gas/service stations, commercial fleet operators, EV dealer workshops, parking garages, EV infrastructure operators and service providers, and household applications.

“We are pleased to announce the addition of a new family of extremely efficient 20kW, 40kW, and 60kW EV DC chargers to our existing portfolio of EV charging solutions. Delivering a full system charge in a shorter period of time than many comparable models, our newest EV DC chargers are easy to install, use, move, and maintain, and provide our customers with simple, safe, convenient, and efficient EV charging solutions,” said Keith Hopwood, vice president of marketing for Phihong USA.

Currently available in five models: 20kW, 40kW and 60kW, each of the new EV DC chargers features a modular, compact, digital, and high frequency (47~63Hz) power module that delivers 93%+ efficiency with a power factor of >0.99 at full load.


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