Power Design Insights from Companies Changing the World

World changing innovation isn’t something you hear about every day. But when you listen to the Vicor Powering Innovation podcasts, you can be the first to hear about world changing products. Out-of-the-box thinking, backed by sophisticated engineering discipline has proven to be the formula for success.

Explore these three episodes in the interactive infographic as guests share what they have achieved in their industry and offer some behind-the-scenes electrical engineering insights that enabled their success. Many of these ideas required unique power architectures and power dense modules to achieve their goals.



Now boarding the flight to the future, flying lower emissions Ampaire hybrid-electric planes: Ampaire is developing hybrid-electric aircraft that will lead the industry to an all-electric future with net-zero emissions and a greener future.

How is Dragonfly’s new hover-in-place tethered UAV defying maritime communication limits?: DPI tethered UAV lifts communication antennas up to 500+ feet and can increase line of site communication at sea 3x from 8 to nearly 30 miles.

What is “Digital Electricity” and how does it compare with Tesla’s and Edison’s AC and DC power?: Voltserver is enabling true digital transformation with Digital Electricity

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