Power Management for Green Energy and Electric Vehicles

Sponsored by Sager Electronics

Renewable energy resources, some decreasing costs, and increase competition in the battery storage space have made renewables much sought after. Last year, despite supply chain challenges, increased shipping costs, and rising prices for key goods, capacity installations were at an all-time high. Wind and solar capacity additions were up and many states and utilities set clean energy goals to increase renewable portfolio standards.

Coupled with the electrification taking place in the automotive space and the subsequent focus on charging capabilities, the world is focused heavily on green across the board.

Renewable energy and electric vehicles are making strides in the technology realm. As these technologies become more accepted and adaption takes place, it’s critical for engineers to understand the power management solutions available and requirements needed to develop efficient products.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Different Energy Generation Types: Solar – DC Current, MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and Wind – AC Current provides AC to Grid, or converters to DC
  • Different types of EV charging applications and solutions for charging times.
  • How renewable energy sources affect power system stability and require a flexible power supply design.
  • How do we actually integrate those innovative technologies into our designs for these applications.

Our Guests:

Peter Victoria, Applications Engineer, RECOM Power
Billy Sevel, Regional Power Systems Sales Engineer, Sager Electronics

Learn more about power management for these applications at:

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