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Prepping for Sensors Expo 2019: What’s Trending?


Sensors Expo brings together thousands of engineers to meet with exhibitors so they can get acquainted with the people who make the products they use, get their hands on them and see for themselves how they’ll work in current projects. Take a look at what’s being presented, demoed, given away, and trending at this year’s Sensors Expo in California. We’ve also scoured LinkedIn for a more comprehensive look at what’s trending! Take a peek:

PowerFilm Solar

TDK Electronics

  • NTC sensor elements for temperature measurement up to 650 °C
  • Miniaturized MEMS accelerometer with excellent linearity
  • 3D position Hall sensors with unique stray field compensation

Cirtec Medical

  • learn more about micro-scale circuits and components

Elkem Silicones Protecting Sensors

  • Protecting your sensors with a new silicone gel for electronic protection, as well as our other silicone solutions for high-temperature resistance, lightweight applications, and thermal management.

Don’t forget about the PICMG Sensors Challenge

  • Bring your favorite 4-20mA sensor to booth 2017 to see how easy it is to create a plug-and-play sensor! PICMG’s demo showcases the three main components of the company’s IIoT initiative:
    • Control and visualization station
    • IP-enabled Smart Sensors, binary-enabled Smart-Sensors
    • Multilingual Smart Sensor gateways

Mouser Robot and a Headphone Giveaway

  • Join Mouser and the Mouser Robot to find inspiration for your next project with the newest sensors, connectivity and IoT products and technologies for design.
  • Be sure you enter for a free chance to win a free pair of Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones. Register today!

Bosch Sensortec Brings Smart Features to the Ear

  • Launch of the BMA456 accelerometer variant with integrated hearable features

TTI, Inc.

  • From improved resolution to lower power consumption, TTI will show you how updates to sensor technology are adding precision to industrial automation, equipment, and more…

TE Connectivity

  • Sensors in HVAC
  • TE & Verdical: Growing the Future of Food Tech
  • FX29 Compact Load Cell
  • Dynamic Inclinometer Demo

Semea Tech

IoT Forum on Computer Vision

  • Join IoT Forum members, guests, and invited experts for an afternoon of innovation discovery, product demos, startup pitches, and great networking to explore the opportunities around computer vision and machine vision in IoT.

Key Trending Areas

At Sensors Expo 2019, attendees will be privy to 10 main focus areas, or “tracks,” in order to better plan out their time and focus on applications and trends that matter most to them.

  • Chemical & Gas Sensing
    • Gas-sensing tech
    • Trending: air quality (outdoor, indoor)
    • Internet of Water
  • Energy Harvesting & Power
    • Smart energy storage
    • Rapid prototyping with solar
    • Low-power monitoring for nano power sensors
    • Boosting energy of edge devices
  • IoT & Wireless
    • Battery-free wireless sensors (also, specifically for industrial)
    • Bluetooth mesh networking
    • RF sensing
    • Olli- the 3D-printed, self-driving, crowdsourced bus
    • Voice-first for IoT
    • IoT security
  • MEMS
    • Wearables
    • Pressure-sensing
    • Market outlook and overview
    • Sensors + Flexible substrates
    • AI-based vehicle automation
  • Optical Sensing
    • Integrated photonics beyond telecon
    • Spectral sensing
    • Computational sensors
  • Process Manufacturing
    • Challenges of designing sensors for valve applications
    • Predictive maintenance and smart sensors
    • capacitive ceramic pressure sensors
  • Sensor Applications
    • LiDAR technology
    • Commercialization challenges (IoT in wearables and high volume apps)
    • Smart feedback systems in modern robotics
    • Smart sensing devices interact more naturally now
    • TMR magnetic sensor tech
    • Mini infrared temperature sensor
  • Sensors Data & Advanced Analytics
    • Sensor fusion and real-time data for connected cities
    • Usable intent with AI
    • AI and machine learning
  • Sensors in an AI Universe
    • Future of intelligent interactions
    • CMF analog-digital ASIC with embedded AI processing
    • Context awareness
    • AI at the endpoint device
  • Smart Cities
    • Forever connected anywhere devices
    • Air quality
    • Evolution of smart buildings

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