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Q&A: Crisis ColLab Initiative Assists in the Fight Against COVID-19

We had a chance to chat with Andy Zanelli, CEO, VCC to learn more about the company’s Crisis ColLab Initiative assisting in the fight against COVID-19.

Visual Communications Company, LLC. (VCC) is a firm focused on the design and manufacturer of illuminated electronic components. They work a lot with human machine interface and the medical device industry is an industry they’ve been involved in for a while.

With everything going on around us, the company decided that an area it could help with in order to get some of the products that we’re hearing about, especially ventilators, to market fast, was the design service and rapid prototyping.

VCC can provide the service is at no cost to to start ups or existing OEMs that need to get a product to market fast. The company is employing its engineering talent to work on prototypes and support that mission.

In addition to Crisis ColLab  VCC has customers all over the world and a world class global distribution channel, so they have been reaching out, not just through the website and through some of our customers, but also through some distribution partners that are based all around the world. All in an attempt to see how they might be able to help.

Whether it’s knobs, buttons, indicators like pipes, or an LCD display, these types of products are ones that VCC deals with the design of every single day.

Another way that VCC can support is in making sure they’re not just designed a product for one of these companies, but making sure that its designing with production in mind. What’s readily available so that it can get into production.

Watch the full video to learn more.

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