Rémy Martin Launches A Connected Cognac Bottle For Interaction With Your Liquor

Fine Champagne Cognac producer, Rémy Martin, has just brought the alcohol industry to the connected level with its smart, connected bottle which integrates opening-detection technology with a tamper-proof NFC tag in the capsule.

The purpose of the technology is to be able to detect a bottle that has previously been opened, as well as connect the company with purchasers.

Remy Martin connected bottle. (Image via Remy Martin)
Remy Martin connected bottle. (Image via Remy Martin)

The Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle is compatible with a smartphone app to connect users immediately after purchase.

All a user has to do is download the Rémy Martin smartphone app and tap on the top of the bottle. The previously downloaded Rémy Martin application will instantly display if the bottle is genuine and sealed, or if it has been used and then secretly resealed. A consumer  who uses the connected bottle can earn points in the Rémy Martin engagement program if they tap the bottle again.

The technology is certified ANSSI – EAL4+ and provides a level of security similar to that found in passports or bankcards.

“As the world is becoming more connected, our consumers are expecting their favorite brands to provide enhanced experiences beyond solely delivering the finest spirits. They want to have a direct connection with these brands and a direct engagement. The Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle addresses a consumer need, and Rémy Martin is proud to be the first brand to bring it to market in our industry,” said Augustine Depardon, Rémy Martin Executive Director, in a news release.

The Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle will be available in China this Fall with its secure authentication and opening detection features.

Remy Martin released a video regarding the technology. It can be seen below.

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