Renault and Nissan Hash Out Reboot

The alliance between Renault and Nissan began in 1999. They are now dealing with their future. The companies’ partnership reads like a mystery novel, complete with the arrest of the alliance chairman Ghosn on financial misconduct charges (2018), Ghosn’s escape from Japan, and a contentious lopsided role in the alliance to the favor of the French.

Fast forward to more recent history – COVID took its toll, and both companies saw losses. While Renault secures a state-backed loan of 5 billion euros, in 2022, Renault CEO De Meo announces plans to split EV and combustion engine operations.

Current negotiations concern making the alliance between Renault and Nissan more equal than in the past. The French are looking for the relationship to involve more than investment. They want the collaboration to include IP, engineers, and joint projects. Nissan is concerned about technology sharing, especially in the EV space.

Nothing is set in stone yet. There is to be an announcement on November 15. Stay tuned.

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