ROHM and Vitesco Enter Long-Term SiC Supply Partnership

ROHM Semiconductor and Vitesco Technologies just penned a long-term silicon carbide (SiC) supply partnership worth over one billion U.S. dollars. The partnership will run from 2024 through 2030. Under the terms of the agreement, Vitesco Technologies’ advanced inverters with integrated ROHM SiC chips will be used by two customers inside electric vehicle powertrains. Vitesco plans to supply a first series project as early as 2024, ahead of the originally targeted timeline.

SiC chips are key for high voltages, vehicles with demanding range targets, and optimum overall efficiency. Under the development partnership, relevant SiC chips will be further optimized for use in automotive inverters starting in 2024.

Silicon carbide’s wide bandgap enables lower electrical resistance and fast- and low-loss switching chips for power electronics. The chips are more thermally resistant, increasing power density.

SiC electronics reduce conversion losses, especially at high voltage levels such as 800 V and SiC inverters are more efficient than Si models. Reduced conversion losses in the inverter are significant for the overall efficiency of electric driving and, thus, for range.

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