ROHM CES Case Studies Feature SiC, PMICs and Laser Diodes

CES, online from January 11 through 14, is prompting companies to adapt to the realities of an online format, and ROHM Semiconductor is no exception.

ROHM is making available three video case studies to demonstrate its product portfolio strength:

  • Midnite Solar, a leading producer of a wide range of alternative energy products, is using ROHM’s silicon carbide MOSFETs to drive efficiency and reduce system cost.
  • Embedded Artists produces SOM and COM solutions and development systems and uses ROHM’s PMIC alongside NXP’s i.MX MPU in a range of products targeting industrial applications where low power is a requirement.
  • Zebra handheld computer and barcode scanner products are used to intelligently connect workers and data in the enterprise environment, uses ROHM’s high performance laser diodes to enable class-leading scanning capability.

In 2021, the company says that it is expanding its power product line, delivering smaller and more efficient power solutions that are branded, “Powered by ROHM.”

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