ROHM Introduces High-Speed Thermal Printhead for Clear Printing on a Single-Cell Li-Ion Battery

ROHM Semiconductor has unveiled the KR2002-Q06N5AA thermal printhead. Compatible with a single Li-ion battery cell (3.6V), the printhead delivers high-performance printing while achieving a 30% improvement in energy savings. The contemporary landscape of electronic money payments has fueled an increased demand for payment terminals and logistics mobile label printers. In this context, 2-cell Li-ion battery thermal printers have become the standard due to their exceptional printing speed and quality.

However, drawbacks like slower printing speeds and shorter battery life hinder the advantages of single-cell Li-ion battery drives, such as smaller, lighter, and more energy-efficient printers. In response to these challenges, ROHM has innovated the KR2002-Q06N5AA thermal printhead, which overcomes the limitations of single-cell drives by achieving the same print output as a 2-cell drive, even with just a single Li-ion battery cell.

The printhead adopts a radically new structure, departing from conventional designs. The optimization of glaze design (serving as a heat storage layer) and the integration of special low-resistance heat elements, along with the fine-tuning of the protective film structure on the heat elements, ensures efficient heat transfer to various print media, including thermal paper and thermal transfer ribbons. Simultaneously, driver IC and wiring structure enhancements improve power efficiency, effectively converting supplied power into thermal energy and contributing to substantial energy savings.


The KR2002-Q06N5AA not only matches the printing speed and quality of conventional 2-cell drive heads but also reduces the applied energy required for printing by approximately 30% compared to existing single-cell drive thermal printheads. This achievement translates into heightened energy efficiency and a reduction in the size and weight of thermal printer equipment.

Looking ahead, ROHM is steadfast in its commitment to expanding its thermal printhead lineup, prioritizing high image quality, industry-leading print speeds, and superior efficiency. The introduction of the KR2002-Q06N5AA marks a significant stride towards meeting the market’s evolving needs for advanced, energy-efficient printing solutions.

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