Rubber Can Count? Physicists say YES

A general platform has been introduced to enable meta materials to count mechanical compression cycles and store the results in easily interpretable internal states, paving the way for advancements in intelligent sensing, soft robotics, and automated data processing. 

Counting Mechanisms in Metamaterials

 Metamaterials consist of unit cells featuring memory beams (m-beams) with binary states of 0 or 1, represented by buckled left or right configurations. Under cyclic compression, a unit cell in the ‘1’ state copies this state to its right neighbor, creating a mechanically clocked wave that can count mechanical driving cycles. 

Aperiodic Metamaterials and Sensitivity to Driving Magnitudes: 

The concept is extended to aperiodic metamaterials, which respond to the order of different driving magnitudes. This sensitivity to input sequences allows for more complex information processing, facilitating the encoding and decoding of sequential data in mechanical systems. 

‘Lock and Key’ Metamaterials:

 Besides counting, ‘lock and key’ metamaterials are introduced to achieve specific states for target driving sequences. These metamaterials can be programmed to undergo predetermined lines of states, enhancing control and programmability in mechanical systems.

 Design and Fabrication: These metamaterials are designed and fabricated by utilizing advanced techniques like 3D printing and molding to create complex structures with precise geometries critical for their functionality. Experimental Demonstrations: Experimental results demonstrate the functionality of the proposed metamaterials. The authors showcase the step-by-step copying of the ‘1’ state to the right.


By introducing a general platform that enables mechanical systems to count and process sequential data,  With further research and development, these innovations have the potential to revolutionize automated information processing and drive advancements in intelligent technologies.

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