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Sager Electronics Sponsors Local Makerspace STEM Program


Sager Electronics has announced its support for BoroBot, a local Makerspace program, located in Middleborough, Massachusetts. Makerspace programs advance teaching and learning that is focused on student-centered inquiry.

BoroBot is a non-profit group of local volunteers advancing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning opportunities. The organization hosts free classes for residents under the age of 21 in areas such as computer-aided design, 3D printing, electronics, and programming.

One of the BoroBot offerings is SeaPERCH. An innovative and educational underwater robotics program, SeaPERCH equips students aged 8 to 18 with the resources they need to build an underwater remote controlled vehicle and then compete in an underwater obstacle course. SeaPERCH participants develop their critical thinking, engineering, and teamwork skills.

“We are incredibly thankful for Sager’s support which directly effects the number of kids able to take part in the program. As a local resident, it makes me extremely proud that we have such a welcoming and involved business community that is willing to invest in this long-term training project,” commented Richard Oakley, President of BoroBot and member of the Middleborough School Committee. “My deepest hope is that as a result of these programs, in combination with their excellent K-12 education, these students will be better positioned for careers at companies like Sager Electronics in the future.”

“At Sager Electronics, we have a responsibility both within our industry as well as our community to foster an interest in robotics and STEM-related programs,” said Maryellen Stack, Director of Marketing Communications for Sager Electronics. “Sager is excited to support BoroBot, and we are pleased our sponsorship affords the opportunity for more children to participate in the program.”

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