Secure microcontrollers pass stringent certification requirements

Incorporating the MAX32550 DeepCover secure microcontroller from Maxim Integrated Products, the newest security key pad and smart card readers -E200NP and E200CP – from XAC Automation, have successfully passed the stringent PCI-PTS 4.1 certification requirements. For PCI-PTS 4.1 certification, products must pass increased levels of differential power analysis and simple power analysis (DPA/SPA) attack testing.

Maxim is the only supplier that provides a cryptographic library with sophisticated algorithm protection means, which allowed XAC’s products to pass these extremely challenging DPA/SPA certification tests. Maxim also provides its customers with a security evaluation report from an independent laboratory that significantly helps reduce PCI-PTS certification time and costs.


The MAX32550 DeepCover secure ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller integrates all the essential functions for secure mobile payment and pin pads, including cryptographic engine, true random number generator, battery-backed RTC, environmental and tamper detection circuitry, magnetic stripe reader, smart card controller with embedded transceiver to directly support 1.8, 3.3, and 5V cards, and integrated secure keypad controller.

“Maxim’s DeepCover embedded security products provide a high level of integration and security that make it easy for our customers to shorten time to PCI-PTS certification and get to market quicker,” said Gregory Guez, Director, Embedded Security, Maxim Integrated. “Customers like XAC can save time and resources using the MAX32550-LBS+ because its cryptographic library already includes the needed countermeasures.”

“Maxim’s security team provides valuable support – they worked with our XAC engineers and the testing lab through the entire PCI-PTS certification process,” said Edmund Chang, Founder and CEO of XAC Automation Corporation. “Maxim’s roadmap of embedded security products gives an added level of protection that we can provide to our customers.”

Available downloads:

Maxim Integrated MAX32550 datasheet

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