Semi-Custom Signal Storm Cable Assembly Series Engineered for Any Coaxial Cable Interface

CDM Electronics announced the availability of the semi-custom Signal Storm Cable Assembly Series of RF jumper assemblies, engineered to withstand the harshest operating conditions and requirements.  Providing a complete interconnect solution for the full spectrum of RF CDM Signal Storm bkg Lconnector interfaces, assemblies  feature Times Microwave 50 Ohm LMR® flexible low loss RF cables, which are UV resistant polyethylene jacketed cables designed for 20-year service outdoor use.  Semi-custom assemblies offer OEMs a low cost alternative to custom assemblies while accelerating time-to market. They are available off-the-shelf for immediate delivery in all the most popular sizes and lengths, and terminated with a variety of RF connector combinations on each end of the cables.  CDM’s semi-custom Signal Storm Cables Assemblies may be ordered online, in prototype and production quantities.

The semi-custom RF jumper assemblies are ideal in a wide variety of wireless communications applications demanding superior levels of mechanical and electrical performance in extreme environments, including commercial, industrial, agricultural, military and amateur radio.  They are highly appropriate for use in WLL, GPS, WLAN, WISP, WiMax, SCADA and mobile antennas applications.  Semi-custom Signal Storm Cable assemblies are commonly employed in industrial automation and robotics, medical, diagnostic and research equipment, military communications infrastructure and weapons control, as well as in alternative energy signal and control equipment.

Assemblies are offered in a choice of Times Microwave 50 Ohm LMR-195, -200, -240, -300, -400, -500 and -600 flexible low loss RF cables.  Customers can select any combination of RF connector interfaces to terminate the cables, including straight and right angle configurations.  Interface options comprise SMA, 7-16 DIN male, BNC, HN, QDS, Type N female, Type N male, SMA, TNC, UHF and mini-UHF.  Cables are provided in lengths ranging from 1 to 100 feet.

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