Serve and Uber Enable Robotic Delivery Scaling

Serve Robotics Inc., known for its autonomous sidewalk delivery technology, announced the scope of its partnership with Uber Technologies Inc. Their agreement allows Serve to deploy up to 2,000 of its robots on Uber Eats in multiple markets across the United States. Delivery robots can reduce traffic congestion and air pollution and improve last-mile delivery efficiency. It will also provide a new and innovative delivery experience.

Serve’s robotic deliveries are up 30% month over month since deliveries started in 2022. More than 200 restaurants in Los Angeles are participating. So far, ratings are high for the deliveries completed. So far, some LA customers ordering via Uber Eats can have it delivered by a Serve robot. If selected, they can track their order; when it arrives, the robot is opened directly from the app.

The goal? Mass commercialization of robotics for autonomous delivery.

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