SiTime’s ADAS Precision Timing Yields 4x Better Stability

SiTime Corporation unveiled an ultra-low-power 32 kHz oscillator family designed to provide accurate timekeeping for ADAS, infotainment, instrument clusters, and electronic control units (ECUs). The family delivers 4x better stability, and its 20% lower power requirement extends system battery life.

This expands SiTime’s kHz portfolio from mobile IoT-consumer into automotive, providing miniature size, greater stability, and ultra-low power in 32 kHz oscillators. Typically, electronic subsystems need to be turned on and off frequently and accurately. The 32 kHz oscillator (XO) is always-on, so accuracy and power consumption play a significant role in reducing overall system power. SiTime claims that its SiT1881 is the industry’s smallest XO, delivering ±50 ppm of stability, the most accurate amongst all 32 kHz XOs, with up to 20% lower power.

Engineering samples of the SiT1881 oscillators will be available from the company through SiTimeDirect beginning Nov. 1, 2022. They expect to begin volume production in Q2 2023. Contact SiTime for more information.

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