SMA End Launch Connectors Provide Excellent VSWR Performance

Amphenol RF offer their line of high frequency SMA end launch connectors. This series offers exceptional VSWR performance up to 26.5 GHz. Featuring an optimized end launch design with either 901-10510-1_1 Lthrough-hole legs or traditional slide-on mounting legs, these connectors make an ideal PCB connector solution for high frequency applications.

The High Frequency SMA End Launch connectors include through-hole and traditional edge-launch options for a variety of PCB thicknesses, in addition to captivated 0.010” and 0.015” diameter center contacts that will accommodate different substrate widths. Custom solutions are also available for optimization to customer-specific PCB launches.

Amphenol’s High Frequency SMA End Launch connectors are ideal for use in most microwave filter, cellular and broadband amplifier, and wireless infrastructure applications.


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