Solar-powered contraption cooks hot dogs in minutes

For the past three years, the GoSun Stove has been changing the solar-cooking game. Now, its creators have released a brand new solar-powered stove geared toward hot dogs and sausages.

GoSun’s original technology utilized energy from the sun to bake, boil, fry or steam a meal for eight in less than one hour. After months of development, the company has released the Solar Dogger — a portable, durable stove that uses the same vacuum tube and compound parabolic reflectors as the GoSun Sport and GoSun Grill, to roast hot dogs, sausages or even taquitos in minutes.

The Solar Doggar.
The Solar Doggar.

The Dogger is stored in a 2-lb. clam shell case and can simply be left in the car in case hunger strikes.

The Doggar works as sunlight is focused by parabolic reflectors onto the vacuum tube that converts 80% of the sun’s rays into heat that builds up to temperatures of 550° F.  Even though the temperatures run pretty high on the inside, the exterior of the grill remains cool during the cooking process. The Doggar tube creates even temperatures throughout and prevents food from drying out by trapping moisture.

The company is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise production funds and gauge interest so you can snag one for just $60 if you head over to their campaign page.


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