Sony Retina Projection Camera Kit Now Available

Sony Electronics just announced that its DSC-HX99 RNV kit, a Retinal Projection Camera Kit, is now available. The kit features Sony’s DSC-HX99 compact camera and QD Laser’s RETISSA NEOVIEWER, which uses laser retinal projection technology. The experience yields focus-free retinal projection designed for people with difficulty using a traditional viewfinder or screen display, even with glasses or contact lenses.

Now available, the DSC-HX99 is the Cyber-shot travel zoom model covering everything from wide-angle to super-telephoto in a compact body completed with a 24-720 mm (30x) high-power zoom lens. QD Laser’s RETISSA NEOVIEWER is an accessory viewfinder for the camera. A digital image from the camera is directly projected to the retina through the RETISSA NEOVIEWER, allowing the user to take a photo and record a video. The technology provides a new way to view landscapes, faces, and capture images through retinal projection. Functions include full-fledged shooting, such as high-speed, high-precision AF performance, support for recording in RAW format, and high-magnification optical zoom. Sony is offering it at $600 MSRP and bearing some of the costs. They also secured touch and try appointment locations for potential users to have a hands-on experience with the camera kit before purchasing.

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