Soundskrit Debuts World’s First Directional MEMS Microphone for Connected Consumer Devices

Soundskrit announced the SKR0400, the world’s first bio-inspired directional MEMS microphone built for current and future consumer electronics devices. The high-performance microphone works by isolating a speaker’s voice and eliminating sonic clutter for a pristine, high-quality audio output for a wide range of connected consumer devices. Laptops, webcams, smart speakers, TVs, headsets, AR/VR, medical devices, wearables, and vehicles, are all included.

The SKR0400 leverages a new transducer design for maximum audio performance and proprietary software that optimizes the audio experience. Until now, consumer devices have used arrays of multiple omnidirectional microphones that struggle to isolate a desired voice from unwanted background noise—all at the expense of increased real estate, power consumption, and complexity. Traditional audio processing software can only go so far, removing critical pieces of speech as it filters out the unwanted noise leaving only an unnatural and distorted speech signal behind.

The SKR0400 first-of-its-kind directional MEMS microphone inherently eliminates unwanted noise at the hardware level, significantly reducing background noise and reverberation and isolating a user’s voice with high fidelity. It eliminates the need for large omnidirectional microphone arrays providing a small, low power, and lightweight solution with incredible performance and enables a breadth of features from noise and echo reduction, true stereo recording for highly immersive audio content, and voice tracking.

Incorporating Soundskrit microphones into consumer devices will help OEMs cut power in half – just two SKR0400 provide the same prowess as four omnidirectional microphone arrays. Soundskrit also developed in-house AI to unlock the full potential of the SKR0400 and bring new features to end users.

OEMs interested in learning more about Soundskrit’s technology or getting their hands on a development board to try it for themselves can visit

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