Speck Design and EMist Collaborate on COVID-19 Fighting Sprayer

COVID-19 is prompting creativity in combatting the disease and also in protecting the masses, especially in areas that see substantial traffic. EMist, a provider of electrostatic sprayer solutions, already had a sprayer on the market before the pandemic struck. That first-generation product, however, needed design streamlining and even more important, the ability to manufacture the sprayers in sufficient volume as demand rose.

Overnight, interest in the sprayer escalated as aviation, education, facility management, healthcare, retail, and a host of other industries, needed an easy-to-use sprayer that would be an effective delivery agent to combat such a pervasive virus.

EMist chose product design and development firm Speck Design to collaborate on the second-generation product, the EX-7000 TruElectrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer, which is now market-ready. EMist claims that the EX7000 is the world’s most effective and lightweight electrostatic backpack disinfectant sprayer. Compact in size, and weighing only 14.9 pounds fully loaded, the sprayer delivers an even application of disinfectant, increases spray coverage and lowers chemical and labor costs. The new design decreases the amount of chemicals used in manual disinfection methods by approximately 75%—representing significant savings. Speck’s design resulted in an easily manufactured, more reliable disinfecting solution.

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