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ST Drives EVs and Industrial Apps with New Silicon-Carbide Devices

STMicroelectronics introduced its third generation of STPOWER silicon-carbide (SiC) MOSFETs, advancing power devices for electric-vehicle (EV) powertrains and other applications where power density, energy efficiency, and reliability are the goal.

Many car makers and automotive suppliers are now embracing 800V drive systems to achieve faster charging and help reduce EV weight. The systems enable vehicles with longer driving ranges.  ST’s new devices are optimized for these applications, including EV traction inverters, onboard chargers, and DC/DC converters, as well as e-climate compressors. The new generation boosts the efficiency of motor drives, renewable-energy converters and storage systems, and telecom and data-center power supplies.

Most of the products will reach commercial maturity by the end of 2021. Devices with nominal voltage ratings from 650V and 750V up to 1200V will be available. The first products available are the 650V SCT040H65G3AG, priced at $5.00, and a 750V device in die form (datasheet and quotation upon request).

ST’s latest planar MOSFETs set new industry-leading benchmarks for the accepted figures-of-merits (FoMs) [on-resistance (Ron) x die size, and Ron x gate charge (Qg)] that express transistor efficiency, power density, and switching performance. They also have a higher voltage rating in relation to their die size than silicon alternatives. ST will offer the third-generation devices in various forms, including bare dice, discrete power packages such as STPAK, H2PAK-7L, HiP247-4L, and HU3PAK, and power modules of the ACEPACK family.

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