STMicroelectronics Adds FreeRTOS™—Thread-Aware Debugging to STM32CubeIDE

Image courtesy of STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics has added support for FreeRTOS™ thread-aware debugging to its STM32CubeIDE development environment, giving users more power to complete their projects quickly and easily. Support for efficient RTOS development helps handle the growing complexity of today’s embedded systems that combine sophisticated features such as cybersecurity, wireless connectivity, user-interface graphics, and multiple operating modes.

With the latest updates, ST has completed their transfer of major advanced features of Atollic TrueStudio® for STM32 into STM32CubeIDE after acquiring Atollic in 2017. STM32CubeIDE further extends the tool’s features and provides direct access to STM32CubeMX configuration functionalities to simplify project setup. Users can select their target microcontroller from the complete STM32 portfolio, configure GPIOs, clock tree, peripherals, and pin assignments, quickly analyze power consumption, select middleware stacks, and generate initialization code for the desired configuration.

In addition to easing configuration, the STM32CubeIDE C/C++ development platform accelerates code generation, compilation, and debugging for all types of systems from simple bare metal to multi-threaded operating systems. Users can view CPU core registers, memories, and peripherals’ registers, watch live variables and serial-wire data, and troubleshoot using build and stack analyzers to understand project status and memory requirements.

Available free of charge, STM32Cube IDE is based on the Eclipse®/CDT development framework, the GCC toolchain, and the GNU debugger, GDB. It is supported by all main desktop systems. Users can work with their choice of STMicroelectronics ST-LINK and SEGGER J-Link debug probes and choose from the large number of plugins available for the Eclipse® IDE.

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