Tech Employment Eases

According to an analysis by CompTIA, technology companies added workers while tech occupations in the broader economy fell back in June.

Tech companies increased their headcount by 5,348 jobs in June. Among the six top-level tech occupation categories were IT, custom software and systems design; PC, semiconductor and components manufacturing; and cloud infrastructure, data processing, and hosting, show positive gains through the first half of 2023

However, tech occupations throughout the economy declined by an estimated 171,000 last month, with the unemployment rate for tech occupations edging up to 2.3%, still below the national figure of 3.6%.

Employer job postings for future hiring declined to just under 236,000.2 Almost 49,000 tech job postings offered remote work or hybrid work arrangements as an option. Nearly 21,000 job postings were for AI positions. Job postings for AI reached a new high as a percentage of emerging tech postings (38%) and overall tech job postings (9%).

The Washington, D.C., metro area led the nation in total tech job postings for the month (16,452) and the month-over-month increase in postings from May to June (+1,560). New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago are the top metro areas with the largest tech job postings in June.

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