The Impact of Digital Transformation on Materials R&D

Materials informatics (MI) today involves AI and machine learning and has the potential to transform materials development. An IDTechEx research report, “Materials Informatics 2023-2033,” covers the emerging field and includes case studies and analysis of the underlying technologies.

Key areas of coverage in the IDTechEx report, “Materials Informatics 2023-2033”. Source: IDTechEx

MI uses data infrastructures and leverages machine learning solutions to design new materials, discover materials for a given application, and optimize materials processing. Digital transformation in R&D is accelerating the adoption of MI processes by materials industry players.

The report answers such questions as:

  • What are the strategic approaches to MI?
  • How is the problem of sparse experimental datasets solved?
  • How is MI applied across a diverse range of fields of materials science?
  • Which algorithmic approach is appropriate?
  • What were significant developments in the field of MI in the last year?
  • How will MI and self-driving labs synergize to shape the future of materials R&D?

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