This Conductive Ink Pen Draws And Erases Circuits So You Don’t Need Any Wires

For most of us, our homes are an electronic mess – there are computers, televisions, smartphones, landline phones, and sometimes more than one of each device.

Nectro, a company born from the  Micro-Nano-Bio Systems Lab at Western University in Canada has created the Nectro conductive ink pen that actually draws circuits right onto a surface and eliminates the need for messy and tangled wires.

Nectro conductive ink pen comparison. (Image via Nectro/ Kickstarter)
Nectro conductive ink pen comparison. (Image via Nectro/ Kickstarter)

Nectro is pen filled with conductive ink that the company developed using advanced nano-technology that allows anyone to draw truly functional circuits onto  photo paper or on specially coated transparent film. If you make a mistake while drawing your circuit, the pen comes with a special eraser on the other side for corrections.

The company also developed other circuitry items for those trying to make a complex system including coated transparent film, magnetic components, and a circuit library.

So a user can place the transparent film right over an existing circuit template from the library, use the Nectro pen to draw it, connect the magnetic components and be finished — with a fully functional circuit.

The conductive ink dries in three seconds, according to the company and provides a less expensive and quicker alternative to messy breadboards.

Nectro pen. (Image via Nectro / Kickstarter)
Nectro pen. (Image via Nectro / Kickstarter)

Professional engineers can develop prototypes quickly by connecting their components to the circuit with silver glue, but the company boasts that even those who aren’t familiar with circuit technology can participate in Nectro pen fun.

Nectro has launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising $38, 197. The company’s campaign will run for another 29 days, so if you’re interested, head on over an pre-order one for just $19 dollars (with other kits available including paper and other materials). Expected shipping is March 2016.

For more information visit Nectro’s website or Kickstarter page.

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