This DIY Specialist Shows Us How To Make A Haunted Remote With An Arduino

It’s only September, but the Halloween season will creep up on us soon. In honor of the scary day, let’s revisit a video that was published last year.

YouTube DIY-er, KipKay, makes plenty of tutorial videos. Last year he showed his fans how to make a haunted remote control by connecting some components and downloading the Arduino code

“Grab a bite to eat, sit in front of the TV, then press the remote button. Where’s that noise coming from? It’s from a place no other than the Haunted Prank Remote – an annoying ring that goes off every time your unsuspecting victim pushes the button of a remote for his TV,” KipKap writes on his YouTube channel.

He also provides viewers with the materials they’ll need if they want to create one, as well as the schematics. These are:
– IR receiver
– Small buzzer
– 9V battery clip
– Arduino
– Small headers
– Old power jack
– Housing

Watch the video below for the tutorial and start scaring your friends early this year.

Video via Kipkay, YouTube.

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