Lightning Round: Advantech’s Modular COM-Express Mini Module (SOM-7569)

In this video, we talk with Matt Weiborg, Solutions Architect at Advanech,to explore the advantages of using the SOM 7569.

We’ll discover the key benefits of a semi-custom module, showcasing how it strikes a balance between standardization and customization to adapt to diverse customer needs. We delve into the concept of modularity, examining how the SOM 7569 facilitates easy upgrades to next-generation processors without necessitating a redesign of the carrier board.

The quick Q&A expands on the types of applications that could benefit most from this innovative approach, illustrating the potential for continual product upgrades and various performance levels within a one-time custom design. Matt also touches on the integration of custom IP into a single carrier board and module, illuminating how an IO carrier board can integrate various features for a truly personalized product.

Finally, we take an insightful look into upcoming trends in modular electronic design, from the ongoing evolution of module standards to the introduction of specifications for high-performance computing. To learn more about Advantech’s Modular COM-Express Mini Module (SOM-7569) visit:…

00:17 What are the key benefits of using the SOM-7569 for designing electronic systems?

00:47 How does the modularity of the SOM-7569 allow for easy upgrades to next-gen processors?

01:22 What types of applications would benefit most from this approach?

01:52 How does the SOM-7569, integrate custom IP into a single carrier board and module?

02:21 Trends and advancements in modular electronic design you should be aware of

03:04 Learn More

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