Video of the Day: Boston Dynamics celebrates the holidays with 3 BigDog Robots

The engineering and robotics design company, Boston Dynamics, won’t be sending out traditional holiday greeting cards. Instead, the company put together a festive video which included three BigDog Robots pulling Santa’s sleigh.

BigDog robot originally funded by DARPA a few years back  and is capable of running 4 mph, climbing slopes up to 35º, walking across rubble, and carrying 340-lb loads.  BigDog is powered by an engine that drives a hydraulic actuation system. Its four legs are designed like an animal’s, with compliant elements to absorb shock and recycle energy from one step to the next.

Boston Robotics' BigDog Robot. (Image Credit: Boston Robotics)
Boston Robotics’ BigDog Robot. (Image Credit: Boston Robotics)

BigDog’s on-board computer controls locomotion, processes sensors and handles communications with the user. The robot comes equipped with sensors, LIDAR, and a stereo vision system.

Story via Boston Dynamics.

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