Vineyard Protects Grapes from Birds  

A war was being fought at Bellingar Estates, a 9.5-acre vineyard in Oregon’s wine country. The adversaries? Birds vs. Grapes. Vineyard owner Evan Bellinger wanted to combat bird damage and found a cutting-edge laser bird deterrent, AVIX Autonomic.

Looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution, Evan teamed up with a blueberry grower who also suffered from bird damage. Together, they found AVIX Autonomic, a laser bird deterrent that mimics a predator by using green laser light across the fields.

The use of the technology at Bellingar Estates results in a significant reduction in crop damage by over 90%, mainly from starlings. Even during the bird’s most active month, August, the grape crop had virtually no wear.

Community-friendly, the technology harmonizes with neighbors, Airbnb guests, and a wedding venue, thanks to its silent operation.

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