Volkswagen Develops Complete EV Drive System

Volkswagen Group Technology unveiled pending electric car innovations in batteries, charging, and electronic components, with a focus on the electric drive system of the future. In addition to batteries and electric motors, Volkswagen is tackling central components and is developing pulse inverters and thermal management systems internally. The Volkswagen drive system offers up to 20 percent more efficiency through the optimal combination of individual components.

The Volkswagen Group is shooting for technological leadership, especially in electric mobility. After battery cells and electric motors, they are taking over the development of pulse inverters and thermal management systems. In the future, it plans to become one of the only car manufacturers in the world able to offer a holistically optimized complete system.

The pulse inverter is largely responsible for efficiency and performance. For its first pulse inverter, Volkswagen redesigned the hardware and software from the ground up. Volkswagen is planning entirely new solutions for thermal management systems, replacing individual modules and long hose connections with an extremely compact, integrated thermal module. The new all-in-one module is also significantly lighter, more robust, and more efficient than current systems. In addition to efficiency, developing all central electric drive components is based on scalability to reduce costs.

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