Watch: Tech Under Two: X-Ray Vision in Your Pocket

Welcome to today’s tech update!

Researchers from The University of Texas at Dallas and Seoul National University have developed an imager chip that brings Superman’s X-ray vision to your pocket!

This revolutionary chip can see inside packages, behind walls, and even has significant medical applications. Using safe signals at 200 to 400 gigahertz, it can detect studs, cracks in pipes, and outline package contents.

Dr. Kenneth K. O highlights the game-changing nature of this technology, which fits into mobile devices and uses advanced digital signal processing for high-quality images.

Designed with privacy in mind, the chip only works at close range, with future versions aiming to capture images up to 5 inches away. With nearly two decades of research, this imager chip is set to revolutionize how we see the world around us. Stay tuned for more exciting tech updates!

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