Waylay Accelerates Growth By Expanding Into North America

Waylay has appointed David Hettinger as President of Waylay North America. In this new role, he will be leading Waylay’s business development, commercial and customer support operations.

David Hettinger brings a broad range of expertise to Waylay and has over 30 years of experience in business development, executive level sales and marketing for high growth technology organizations.

“David is joining Waylay at what we think is a perfect moment as we move into our first high growth phase,” said Leonard Donnelly, CEO of Waylay. “He is an exceptionally accomplished technology executive with deep industry domain experience that is rare. As a company, we cherish knowledge and as our new President of Waylay North America, David will build the organization in a manner that enshrines our deep commitment to the value systems and needs of our customers and partners in many industries across North America. Welcome from all at Waylay!”

Today Waylay is recognized by its enterprise customers as an unrivaled leader in the complex field of digital transformation, building new digitally-enabled elastic companies. In doing so, Waylay is becoming renowned for its “everything can be simple” approach to unifying IT-OT data worlds via its low-code orchestration, automation and analytics solutions.

With a significant number of customers based in North America, Waylay kickstarts its expansion plans and will open its first US office in Denver, Colorado, as a subsidiary of Waylay. This new office reflects Waylay’s commitment to further strengthen business activities and to better serve customers and prospects in North America. Waylay’s US customers will also get local access to the same level of expertise and support as currently provided to customers globally from its European headquarters in Ghent, Belgium.

“So many companies are struggling to leverage their connected devices, and operationalize the data,” said David Hettinger, President of Waylay North America. “Waylay is an incredible product that brings the OT and IT worlds together, making two worlds as one. When you get a chance to experience the Waylay platform, you will be able to connect the dots of your IT, OT & IoT strategy. I am excited to join an amazing team, and look forward to seeing our product widely adopted in the coming years!”

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