The Future of Manufacturing in the United States

This week we had the chance to chat with some experts in the world of manufacturing about trends their seeing as a result of COVID-19, as well as what the future could look like in the United States if companies opt for more nearshoring. We’ll explore questions such as: as we bring manufacturing back online, what impacts might this being to have on pricing, especially as things change for employees and we see new safety laws and healthcare insurance factors come into play? With the anticipated wave of manufacturing coming back to North America, how ready are the US and its neighbors? How long will it take to develop and ramp up the skilled labor that will be needed in many regions? And More.





  • Andrew Zanelli, President, VCC
  • Michael Knight, SVP Business Development, President TTI Semiconductor Group
  • Seth Denson, Co-Founder, GDP Advisors
  • Lisa Anderson, President, LMA Consulting Group


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