What Are Google’s Most Asked Questions?

According to a recent article on cw33, Datamax recently tapped into Google Search and identified the top 10 most asked tech questions in the U.S. The data, ranked by search volume, involves searches during December 2023. Datamax gives us the questions, answers, and where it’s being asked most. 

  1. “How to Screenshot on Mac?” – 11,841,660 average monthly searches 

Interestingly, it is trending the most in Utah. There was a 22% increase in interest during the last three months of the year. So, here’s your answer:

For a full screenshot on a Mac, press Shift, Command, and 3 together. For a screenshot of a part of the screen, press Shift, Command, and 4. 

  1. “How to Delete Facebook?”-  9,069,670 average monthly searches

This topic is trending in West Virginia. This isn’t a surprise, given how the site has changed over the past several years, as well as its robust competition.

Delete Facebook by logging in with the browser or the app, go to ‘Settings & Privacy,’ find ‘Your Facebook Information,’ and choose ‘Deactivation and Deletion.’ Then select ‘Permanently Delete Account’ and follow the steps.

  1. “How to Delete Instagram?” –  7,122,100 average monthly searches

Along the same line, join the Hawaiians who want to delete Instagram by logging in, choosing to permanently delete the account, and telling them why. Re-enter your password and click “Delete [username].”  

  1. “How to Delete Apps on iPhone?” – 3,439,590 average monthly searches

This question is most popular in Mississippi. To delete Apps, press and hold the app’s icon on the homepage until it jiggles, tap the “X” on the corner, and confirm the deletion.

  1. “How to Clean an iPhone?” – 2,278,430  average monthly searches

Arkansas (and others) want to know. Turn off the phone, unplug the cables, and gently wipe it with a soft cloth. Make sure you don’t put moisture in openings and don’t use harsh cleaners.

  1. “How to Screen Record on Windows?” – 2,074,910 average monthly searches

The people in Utah again–To screen record on Windows, press the Windows key + G to open Xbox Game Bar, then click “Start Recording” or press the Windows key + Alt + R.

  1. “How to Scan a QR Code?” – 1,755,700average monthly searches

The highest interest for this one is in West Virginia. To scan a QR code on a smartphone, open the camera and point it at the code. If unsuccessful, download a QR scanner app from the app store.

  1. “How to Download YouTube Videos?” – 1,401,600  average monthly searches

What is it with Utah?  YouTube doesn’t let you download videos directly; you have to use third-party tools. Just copy the video’s URL and paste it on their website to download in several formats.

  1. “How to Clean a MacBook?” – 1,042,740 average monthly searches

This query mostly trends in California. To clean a MacBook, turn the Mac off, unplug everything, and wipe with a soft cloth. Use a damp cloth for the screen and a dry one for the keyboard. 

  1. “How to Backup an iPhone?”- 858,130 average monthly searches

The query is the most popular in Delaware. Connect to Wi-Fi, go to Settings, and tap iCloud, then iCloud Backup. Tap Back Up Now.

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