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Wide selection of robust interconnect products for the lighting industry

Specialist in interconnect systems, Amphenol Industrial Products Group, has a variety of high performance connectors including, wire and cable, fiber-optic connectors and management equipment, custom assemblies as well as interconnection products for the lighting industry. Its wide selection of robust interconnect products, includes cabling, dimmers, lighting instruments and controllers for industrial lighting needs.

Amphenol Anytek, a division of Amphenol Industrial Products Group, offers three fixed-type series terminal blocks used in LED lighting and lighting control applications: the HB series, the HC series and the NQ series.

The easy-to-operate, compact HB series features a big lever design and convenient double or single wiring for one pole. Its push-in spring technology enables excellent anti-vibration performance, making it ideal for use in lighting controllers. These stackable terminal blocks can provide a two to 24 pole solution to meet the needs of nearly all customer requirements.

The HC series offers an extremely small pitch of 2.5mm, making it ideal for use in narrow PCB areas of lighting controllers. Its push-in spring connection technology and lever structure ensure reliable and convenient wiring.

The NQ series is a small size terminal block that can be surface mounted to a PCB and features push-in spring connecting technology. It has a low height structure of 2.7mm (pitch 3.0), making it suited for use in the LED industry.

Amphenol Sine offers two connector series that are ideal for the lighting industry, the eco|mate Aquarius and the A series AT thermoplastic connector series. The Aquarius features a waterproof plastic circular connector that remains sealed in the mated condition and when continuously submerged under water or is exposed to high pressure spray. Well suited for indoor and outdoor use, this series is based on the MIL-C-26482 connector design and is available in six shell sizes and 27 insert arrangements. These connectors feature low-profile housing, bayonet coupling and offer a wide variety of contact options for mixed power and signal layouts.

The Amphenol Sine AT connector series features a thermoplastic housing with an integrated latch for easy mating and can accommodate wire sizes from 14 to 22AWG, up to 13A. The high temperature silicone seals provide superior, long-lasting performance and wedgelocks to ensure proper contact alignment and retention.

Amphenol LTW (ALTW), another division of Amphenol Industrial Products Group, offers a wide range of connector series for use in the lighting industry, including X-Lok (push lock and blind mate), HS-Lok (push-pull and blind mate), circular lock bayonet and threaded, M12/M8 shielded series, FICX series, SSL series, the FLO series as well as protective vents.

The HS-Lok is a push-lock connector that is designed to meet IP68 waterproof protection and is rated to UL-F1 UV resistance. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The HS-Lok features audible feedback, guided key design and easy assembly for blind mating. The HS-Lok is UL2238 and UL50e compliant and rated to five amps for low voltage power and data transmissions. This connector includes two to six pin configurations and hybrid (Power + Data) to suit nearly any requirement.

Amphenol LTW X-Lok (push lock and blind mate) connectors are available in four different sizes for power, signal and hybrid applications. These fast, simple and reliable connections are available in receptacle, overmolded and field installable designs in solder, crimp or screw-in terminations.

ALTW’s circular series offer the widest and most comprehensive range of circular connectors in the industry. They are available in more than five commonly used sizes, including plastic and metal versions, and offer lock bayonet for quicker locking and threaded-type that are more suitable for higher vibration applications. UL certified or UL recognized from 2P up to 31P for power, hybrid, data and signal, these field installable versions feature solder, crimp and screw-in terminals. A wide range of accessories are available for this series.

ALTW’s M12/M8 shielded series meet IEC and UL standards. Used to resist electro-interference (EMI) as it transmits signals and maintains its data quality, the M12 shielded cable connectors are available in A, B and D code. These connectors are waterproof, provide anti-corrosion protection and offer both PVC and PU cable jackets.

The FICX series from ALTW is compliant with UL 2238 standards to extend industrial high demand for cable assemblies for control and signal distribution. These reliable connectors feature a simple screw termination, are waterproof, are suitable for a wide range of cable OD with color seals and come in a variety of joiner types like in-line and T-shaped from two to five pin.

The SSL series is a waterproof and non-waterproof connector series developed for LED lighting and non-lighting applications. Its low profile design aims at minimizing and eliminating the field wiring and reducing labor time, as well as facilitating any maintenance job. They come in wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, board-to-board and an option for indoor and outdoor applications.

ALTW’s FLO series is the latest family of full metal and shielded push-pull connectors that can intermate with either Fischer, Lemo or ODU waterproof and non-waterproof series. These connectors come in various sizes and in as many contacts as the size will allow, meeting the highest specifications and requirements of outdoor environments.

ALTW offers the most comprehensive range of protective vents. Available in various sizes and materials, including plastic, metal and stainless steel, these protective vents feature different air permeability and are ratedIP67.

Source Amphenol Industrial Products Group

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