Wind River and Roland Berger Team on Automotive Consulting

Wind River and Roland Berger are collaborating to offer a robust portfolio of automotive consulting covering the full range of strategic, business, technology, and developmental requirements for automotive customers.

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“With the growth of the Internet of Things, increasingly complex software systems, and a corresponding jump in safety and security demands, the automotive industry is facing a slew of new challenges. The industry is in a transitional period where the role of software has become ever more significant,” said Marques McCammon, general manager of connected vehicles at Wind River. “Together with Roland Berger, we are providing auto companies with a lifeline to transform their software IQ and take action now to evolve their business for future growth.”

“The latest automotive innovations are increasingly becoming more software driven. Many in the industry are currently playing catch-up and looking to experts to fill in the gaps,” said Wolfgang Bernhart, senior partner and automotive expert at Roland Berger. “As the industry quickly evolves, Roland Berger and Wind River are able to give customers a fast track to meet the rapidly moving needs of this software transformation.”

Combining Wind River’s decades of embedded software leadership and rich technology expertise in mission-critical industries such as aerospace and defense, along with its long history in automotive software, with Roland Berger’s extensive expertise across the global markets, the joint automotive consulting will help auto customers intelligently navigate the software revolution happening in the auto industry.

Consultancy customers will receive expert software strategy direction from Wind River and Roland Berger. Wind River will provide software management capability, architectural support, and engineering support from the strategy exploration phase to the proof-of-concept and production phases. Roland Berger will deliver key market insights, including trend and business analysis assessing strategy value and expected benefits, and help design new innovative business models. A leading global consultancy, Roland Berger offers services that cover the entire range of management consulting from strategic advice to implementation.

Drawing from its rich technology heritage and expertise in a wide variety of industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive and industrial, Wind River offers a proven track record in safety- and security-critical customer applications. From advanced in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) to safe and secure advanced driver assist system (ADAS) technologies to autonomous driving, the company’s extensive knowledge of design, software development, integration, lifecycle management services, and its world-class support helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers innovate and better manage the highly detailed requirements and certifications, complex software integration, and intricate project planning specific to the automotive industry.

“The combination of Wind River’s technology heritage with our broad market expertise will enable us to better help our clients shorten time-to-production and harness the opportunities of the connected cars of the future,” said Marcus Berret, chairman of Roland Berger supervisory board and head of the global automotive team.

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