eVolt charge points support new fleet of EVs at Taxi Central

February 3, 2017

eVolt, the Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point supplier, has completed the installation of three chargers to assist a Kirkcaldy-based taxi business in achieving its environmental ambitions and support its five new private hire Nissan Leaf EVs, which are now fully operational. Taxi Central has installed one of eVolt’s Rapid Chargers, which can charge the 30kWh Nissan Leafs to 80% battery life in 30 minutes, to provide on-shift EVs with essential…


Electron microscopy study to understand energy storage

January 19, 2017

Researchers in the Dionne lab camped out with one of the most advanced microscopes in the world to capture an unimaginably small reaction, in a lab 18ft below the Engineering Quad of Stanford University. The lab members conducted arduous experiments – sometimes requiring a continuous 30 hours of work – to capture real-time, dynamic visualizations of atoms that could someday help our phone batteries last longer and our electric vehicles go…


Cutting Apple and Google out of the automotive equation

January 16, 2017

The splashiest auto news coming out of CES and the North American International Auto Show has been about new models, self-driving tech, and wild concepts. But in a quieter series of moves, automakers also continued to strengthen their control over what it is we’re able to do inside our cars, particularly when it comes to the apps that run on infotainment systems. Though carmakers have generally embraced Apple’s CarPlay and…


2017: Automotive trends and innovations

January 16, 2017

Market research shows, the average vehicle on American roads is nearly 12 years old, as drivers hold on to their old, reliable wheels for longer stretches of time. That has held true even as more people than ever bought new cars last year — 17.5 million of them. If you’re not a consumer who bought new in recent years, the showroom floor and its wares may look different from what…


Electric vehicle boom in China with clean energy policy

January 12, 2017

The Chinese-branded electric vehicle (EV) market is propped up by huge government subsidies as part of Beijing’s policy to build global leadership in cleaner energy driving. More electric cars are sold in China than in the rest of the world combined, but are mainly locally-branded models that are cheaper and have a shorter range than those offered by foreign automakers such as Tesla and Nissan. China has spent billions of…


Plug-in hybrid fuel consumption cut by one third

January 11, 2017

To improve the efficiency of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) by more than 30%, engineers at the University of California, Riverside have taken inspiration from biological evolution and the energy savings garnered by birds flying in formation. Titled “Development and Evaluation of an Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Online Energy Management System for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles,” a paper describing the research was recently accepted for publication in the journal IEEE Transactions on…


CES 2017: Super fast electric car unveiled

January 4, 2017

A self-driving electric car  has been unveiled by start-up Faraday Future, that it says can accelerate from zero to 60mph (97km/h) in 2.39 seconds. Faraday says the FF91 accelerates faster than Tesla’s Model S or any other electric car in production. It was shown off at the CES tech show in Las Vegas. But Faraday Future has faced financial difficulties and one analyst said it had to challenge ‘scepticism’ following…


Thousands of ultra-fast charging sites for electric cars planned

November 29, 2016

To boost mainstream acceptance of electric cars, top carmakers in Germany have agreed to jointly invest in thousands of ultra-fast charging sites across Europe, the companies said. Spurred on by the success of US rival Tesla which has received huge pre-orders for its Model 3 car, German rivals such as Volkswagen and Daimler’s Mercedes are accelerating their own electric car programs. But scarce charging points and sticker prices for electric…


Battery electric cars vs. fuel cell vehicles

November 16, 2016

All-electric battery vehicles offer a more affordable way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions than cars powered by hydrogen, a study of energy use in a community near Stanford finds. Many communities would be better off investing in electric vehicles that run on batteries instead of hydrogen fuel cells, in part because the hydrogen infrastructure provides few additional energy benefits for the community besides clean transportation. That’s according to a study…


Toyota kicks up on-road trials of car-motorbike hybrid vehicle

September 19, 2016

Three years ago Toyota debuted its three-wheeled electric vehicle urban mobility solution called i-Road that combines the potential of cars and motorbikes.  Now, the company will launch its second round of trials, bringing the vehicle one step closer to hitting the roads and changing transportation. The second round of the project involves other companies as well as the general public in order realize the full potential of Toyota’s i-Road ultra-compact concept electric vehicle (EV)….